Conference proceedings


Pages: 1-7            Monetary Inflation Mechanism. An Empirical View

                                  PhD Assoc. Prof. Liviu C. Andrei, PhD Senior Researcher Dalina Andrei

Pages 8-23          Romanian Capital Market in a Globalized World                

                                  PhD Prof. Daniel Stefan Armeanu, PhD Assoc. Prof. Adrian Enciu, PhD candidate Sorin-Iulian Cioaca

Pages 24-34        Migration and Globalization: Challenges and Perspectives

                                 PhD Prof. Mariana Balan

Pages 35-41         Cultural Ties in a Globalization World: The Threats and Challenges

                                 PhD Assoc. Prof. Natalia Bogoliubova, PhD Assoc. Prof. Julia Nikolaeva

Pages 42-51         Sustainable Development – The Premise of Economic Growth in Conditions of Globalization

                                 PhD Assoc. Prof. Oana Chindriş-Vasioiu, PhD Assoc. Prof. Madalina Cristina Tocan

Pages 52-61         Corporate Governance: Banking Sector and Economic Development

                                  PhD Assistant Ion Croitoru, PhD Issam MF Saltaji

Pages 62-68        The Importance of the Community Mediation. An Example of Practical Course

                                  PhD Prof. Emilian M. Dobrescu, PhD Edith Mihaela Dobrescu

Pages 69-80        Migration and (Macro) Economic Risks – Romania’s Case

                                   PhD Student Cornelia Dumitru

Pages 81-90         States of Sub-Saharan Africa in the Age of Globalization: the Possibility of the Breakthrough

                                   PhD Assoc. Prof. Konstantin A. Pantserev

Pages 91- 101       Mergers and Their Human Side: Key Factors for an Effective Acquisition and for Surviving One

                                     PhD Lect. Liliana Manea, PhD Prof. Shawki Said Mohamed Ali

Pages 102-111       Cost Efficiency and Cost-Benefits Relationship Analysis in the Romanian Education System

                                   PhD Lect. Liliana Paschia

Pages 112-122       Bio-Based Economy Sketch: The Case of Romania

                                    PhD Carmen Beatrice Pauna, PhD Mihaela Simionescu, PhD Tiberiu Diaconescu, PhD Raluca I. Iorgulescu

Pages 123-140      Regional Economic Competitiveness. The Case of Romania

                                    PhD Prof. Elena Pelinescu, PhD Marioara Iordan, PhD Nona Chilian, PhD Mihaela Simionescu

Pages 141-150       The Internal Control Management Development Strategy in Romania

                                     PhD Prof. Marin Popescu, PhD Silvia Mihaela Popescu, Ec. Maria Daniela Galca

Pages 151-162       The Effects of the Recent Economic and Financial Crisis on the Romanian Economy

                                     PhD Senior Researcher Elena Pelinescu, PhD Senior Researcher Mihaela Simionescu

Pages 163-175       The Role of Foreign and Domestic Investment in Promoting Exports and Imports. A Dynamic Panel Approach

                                      Scientific Researcher Oana Cristina Popovici, Scientific Researcher III Adrian Cantemir Calin

Pages 176-184       Evolution of the Labor Market in Romanian Development Regions

                                     PhD Brînduşa-Mihaela Radu

Pages 185-194       The Connection between Foreign Direct Investment and Unemployment Rate in the United States

                                     PhD habil Senior Researcher Mihaela Simionescu, PhD Student Mirel-Daniel Simionescu

Pages 195-199       Proposal of “Lex Ferenda” in Reference to the Punishment of Life Imprisonment

                                     PhD Assoc. Prof. Eliodor Tanislav

Pages 200-213      The Management of Businesses through Information Systems

                                      PhD Prof. Emilia Vasile, PhD Lect. Danuţ-Octavian Simion

Pages 214-232       Comparative Study on the Sustainable Economic Growth of European Union Countries

                                     PhD Assoc. Prof. Carmen Uzlau, PhD Assoc. Prof. Cristina Burghelea, PhD Assoc. Prof. Corina-Maria Ene